1. The series ran from 1990-93 and again in 1995.
  2. A total of 44 episodes were made. This includes 4 Christmas specials.
  3. Onslow (Geoffrey Hughes) Played in the earlier series of Coronation Street.Click here for a picture of Onslow meeting the Queen!
  4. Sheridan is never seen in the series.
  5. The writer of the series (Roy Clarke) has retired from the BBC.
  6. There were two actresses who played Rose.
  7. There are no plans to film any more episodes of the show.
  8. Though shown on PBS in the States, the show enjoys Prime time network spots in Australia.
  9. The Vicar (Jeremy Gittins) once played Lazlo on an episode of Dr. Who in 1981.
  10. The Postman (Micheal) only has his name mentioned one time in the series.
  11. Violets husband is a bookmaker.
  12. Onslow wears a Green Bay Packers T-shirt only in the last season. Emmit has also appeared to loose a lot of weight in these episodes. (Frank E. Liebmann)
  13. Richard also appeared on Dr. Who. The Doctor Who episode Richard (Clive Swift) was in was Revolution of the Daleks. It was Adventure #142 from 1986. The Doctor was Colin Baker. Clive played a character named Jobel. (Frank E. Liebmann)
  14. Richard is forced into retirement. I beleive he's retired for the last two seasons. (Frank E. Liebmann)
  15. The signature tune was written by Nick Ingman
  16. Actors and actresses from the show can be reached at the following address. Please remember to be polite in any correspondence, courtesy is the key to continued replies from the cast.
    (Actors name)
    Keeping up Appearances
    BBC Television
    Television Center
    Wood Lane
    London W12 7RJ
  17. Patricia Routledge is now starring in the television murder mystery 'HETTIE WAINTHROPP INVESTIGATES'.
  18. Judy Cornwall (Daisy) played one of the cannibalistic Rezzies in the 1987 Dr. Who story "Paradise Towers". Sylvester McCoy was the Doctor. (Shane Hill)
  19. David Griffin's other famous role was in David Croft's 'Hi De Hi!' as Sqrn. Leader Clive Dempster DFC. (T Coward)
  20. Daisy and Onslo's daughter is named Stephanie and their grandaughter is called Kylie.
  21. Hyacinth's favourite authoress is Dame Barbara Cartland
  22. Hyacinth and Richard live on Blossom avenue.
  23. Hyacinths invitations measure 6" X 4".
  24. Richards job title before retirement was Deputy Manager of Finance and General Services.
  25. Hyacinth's Royal Daulton cups and saucers were once valued at 20 pounds by Maxwell, Nixon and Kray.
  26. Hyacinth has eight photo albums of Sheridan.
  27. Richard and Hyacinth honeymooned in Weston-super-Mare.
  28. Hyacinth believe Richards favourite hobby is gardening.
  29. Roy Clarke also wrote, 'Open all hours' and 'Last of the summer wine'.
  30. Sheridan is studying to be a Quantity Surveyor at the polytechnic.
  31. Anna Dawson, who played Violet, was Benny Hill's female sidekick on "The Benny Hill Show" in mid-to-late 80's episodes of his show. She was also in his final U.S. Special in 1992. (Bob)
  32. Clive Swift was married to the author, Margaret Drabble, from 1960 till their divorce in 1975. They have three children. Her second book, 'The Garrick Year' sounds suspiciously autobiographical. The heroine has an actor husband who is something of a philanderer. Couldn't be Clive, could it?! (Carole Jackson)
  33. Patricia Routledge has never married. (Carole Jackson)
  34. John Inman (from "Are You Being Served?") and Josephine Tewson (from "Keeping Up Appearances") are not only friends, but also cousins! (Kim Tennison)
  35. Geoffrey Hughes (Onslow) played "Popplewick" in the fourth installment of Dr. Who's "Trial of a Time Lord" (Colin Baker's last appearance as the Doctor). As a matter of fact, Popplewick was in reality the Valeyard, who was really an aberrant regeneration of the Doctor ... in short, we could say that "Onslow" actually portrayed the Doctor himself. (Charlotte Lieser)
  36. The FH on Onslow's hat stands for Fulton Hogan Ltd., a New Zealand asphalt and roadbuilding company. When Geoffrey Hughes was there promoting a show, he was given that hat by one of the company's lorry drivers. (Carole Jackson)
  37. St. Mark's Is the Bucket's Parish. (Matt Alderman)
  38. David Janson, who occasionally plays the Mailman, replaced Richard Gibson in the role of Otto Flick in the last series of 'Allo 'Allo! (Bob Riemensnyder)
  39. Michael is the vicar's first name. (Matt Alderman)
  40. Emmet's last name is Hawksworth. (Matt Alderman)
  41. The vicar rings his own church bells. (Matt Alderman)
  42. Hyacinth usually gets people calling her, trying to get the Chinese take-away. (Matt Alderman)
  43. Hyacinth wanted Richard to call the Chinese ambassador, which he did. (Matt Alderman)
  44. Richard sometimes eats [at Hyacinth's ordering] an exclusive high-fiber breakfast cereal which the Dutch royal family also eats. (Matt Alderman)
  45. In the Inspector Morse episode, 'The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn' (1986) Clive plays Dr. Bartlett, a quiet fellow with questionable viewing habits, suspected of murder. (Carole Jackson)
  46. Josephine Tewson (Elizabeth) was once married to, and divorced from, the late Leonard Rossiter of "Rising Damp" and 'The rise and fall of Reginald Perrin" (Bridget Martin)
  47. Judy Cornwall (Daisy) was born in Australia. Since working in Britain, she has only returned to her homeland once. (Matthew Leung)
  48. Elizabeth's daughter is called Gail, who has a boyfriend called Harold. He is described as having a "first-class brain" by Elizabeth. (Matthew Leung)
  49. David Griffin played Lt. Commander Mitchell aboard the submarine in the 1972 Doctor Who story "The Sea Devils." Jon Pertwee was the Doctor. (Shane Hill)
  50. Davis Janson (the postman) was in "Get Some In" a sitcom screened in the early 70s about National Service. He also appeared in the Beatles' "Hard Day's Night" playing a street urchin who befriends Ringo. (Ian Pritchard)
  51. Josephine Tewson (Elizabeth) stars in the Nabisco Fig Newtons commercial in the USA.